Wednesday, 26 September 2012


To gain weight i am going to have a diet which will help me gaining lean body mass and removing extra fat from my body.
This is very important that we do not add extra fat in our body while gaining weight.

I am doing bodybuilding from the past 3 months and i got rid of 2 inches from my belly. I should mention here that i dont take any supplements. I believe that by having a healthy diet and good amount of workout in gym could result in a good body transformation though it take some time. People take supplements to ensure that they transform their body in short amount of time.
Now i want to transform my body in 4 weeks, Though i will not take any
below is the table of my current body stats and the stats of my goal. (my height is 5'8")

Weight154 lbs165 lbs
Neck14.5 inches15.5 inches
Biceps14 inches14.5 inches
Forearm11 inches12 inches
Chest37 inches41 inches
Waist34 inches30 inches
Hips37 inches37 inches
Thigh21.5 inches22.5 inches
Calf13.5 inches14.5 inches

Precisely i want to gain 1inch in every part and lose 4inches from my belly.


i am going gain 1inch in every part from gym and will lose 4inches from my belly from diet. i am going to eat more protein and fibers. Protein will help my muscles to grow and fiber will help in digesting and it will help in getting rid of belly fat too.

below is my plan for this week. i will measure myself next wednesday and will change my plan for the next week accordingly. (Basically every week i will try to gain around 2 cm and lose 1 inch from belly) 


  • i will have 5-7 meals in a day.
  • around 250gm protein in a day.
  • around 3ltr water in a day.
  • i will eat some fiber source in every meal to ensure that my body gets good amount of fiber.
(rep range = 6-12)
(sets range= 3-5)
wednesday  - shoulder + calf + abs
thursday     - chest + back
friday         - bisecps + triceps
saturday     - legs + abs
sunday       - rest (cardio of 20 minutes)
monday     - shoulder + calf + abs
tuesday      - chest + back
wednesday - biceps + triceps

i will measure myself on wednesday.

so see you next week.
hasta la vista!!


1 week has passed and i have to admit that i was not able to follow the plan for week 1 due to my tight schedules... And therefore i can't see much progress in my body. 
i hope i will be able to follow the plan this week.

i am going to have the same diet as i planned for the week 1.However i want to make some changes in my workout this week.
And due to my schedules i cannot follow any kind of predetermined paths so i am going to post daily about my workout after coming from gym.

6/10/2012 Saturday
Thursday and Friday was my rest days due to my busy schedules, however i managed to do 20 minutes slow cardio.

Today i did Shoulders + abs + calves.

-> Side lateral raises
     2 warm up set of 10 reps
     3 working sets of 8 reps
     1 drop set of 10 reps each

-> Shoulder Dumbbell Press
    1 warm up set of 10 reps
    2 working sets of 8 reps
    1 drop set of 10 reps each

-> Front dumbbell raises
    3 working sets of 10 reps

-> Dumbbell Shrugs
     3 working sets of 20 reps

-> seated calf machine
    2 warm up sets of 10 reps
    5 working sets of 20 reps

-> Hanging leg raises
     7 sets of 20 reps 

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