Friday, 12 October 2012


How many of you have seen the movies Iron man, Iron man 2 or The Avengers? In the movie Tony Stark uses a computer system named JARVIS.

When i first watched the movie Iron man i said to myself 'Man! i want this computer!!'
When i watched Iron man 2, i said 'Man! i really want to have this computer!!'
Now after watching The Avengers i didn't said that i want this computer, in fact i said that i am going to make my own JARVIS for myself.!!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sweet potatoes And Weight Loss

If you ask 10 people that what they think is the best way to reduce weight and get a flat belly then 8 out of 10 people will suggest you to eat less and exercise more.

According to me this is not gonna help you in any way. With less food and high exercise you are only torturing your body and nothing gonna
happen with your weight loss.
All you need to have a high metabolism for burning fat if you really want to get

How to start writing eBook

Whenever i purchase any eBook i asked myself that couldn't i earn from selling my own eBook? Every time when i got this question from myself i said that i cannot write an eBook.

Maybe many of you ask this same question to yourself as i did. So have you ever got any other answer or you are just like me who thought that 'i cannot write an eBook' ?

There are tens of thousands of authors who write plenty of eBooks and sell

Saturday, 6 October 2012

What is an eBook

What is an eBook? Maybe some of you are wondering about eBooks and why are they becoming in so much trend. An eBook is an electronic book which you can read on your computer, laptop, mobile phones.

eBooks can be downloaded from internet in many formats. You can download an eBook according to your need and in the format which your device supports.

The best and common format is PDF. PDF files require acrobat reader which is free to download from Adobe's website. And PDF Files (eBooks) are

Sunday, 30 September 2012


Hello people!! How you guys doing today?
This is my fourth post on this blog (my very first blog) and it seems that my posts are becoming a bit popular among some people as I am having a good number of page views every day.
Honestly speaking I did not expect this much of popularity. In fact I was not sure whether or not I will be writing my fourth post. But to my great surprise here I am writing my next post for you people.
So keep reading and enjoy…
Today while surfing on Google I found a very important information about Google’s Penguin Algorithm.
The Google’s Penguin Algorithm rate a blog post good which is at least 500 Words long..

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


To gain weight i am going to have a diet which will help me gaining lean body mass and removing extra fat from my body.
This is very important that we do not add extra fat in our body while gaining weight.

I am doing bodybuilding from the past 3 months and i got rid of 2 inches from my belly. I should mention here that i dont take any supplements. I believe that by having a healthy diet and good amount of workout in gym could result in a good body transformation though it take some time. People take supplements to ensure that they transform their body in short amount of time.
Now i want to transform my body in 4 weeks, Though i will not take any