Sunday, 30 September 2012


Hello people!! How you guys doing today?
This is my fourth post on this blog (my very first blog) and it seems that my posts are becoming a bit popular among some people as I am having a good number of page views every day.
Honestly speaking I did not expect this much of popularity. In fact I was not sure whether or not I will be writing my fourth post. But to my great surprise here I am writing my next post for you people.
So keep reading and enjoy…
Today while surfing on Google I found a very important information about Google’s Penguin Algorithm.
The Google’s Penguin Algorithm rate a blog post good which is at least 500 Words long..
The blogs with lesser number of words considered as spam blogs.
After reading this I checked the words count on my blog and to my big surprise I found that none of the posts in my blog is 400words long.
So now I have decided to write posts using Microsoft Word as it has a feature by which I will be informed about the number of words I have written on the current post.
I have never used Microsoft word before as I never had any requirement out of it. I didn’t used Microsoft Word before doesn’t mean that I am a Microsoft hater. I have used Microsoft Power Point a lot of time as I was required to make presentations throughout my course.  I always used Power Point to make any presentations.
Well I told you that none of my posts were larger than 400 words and I think this post will also going to be like that only. Right now I am writing my 297th word and I am done with my this post.
So may be writing post of 500 words or higher are still a milestone for me that I am going to achieve for sure.
Well, hope for the best and wait for my post having 500 or larger words.
hasta la vista !!

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