Sunday, 7 October 2012

How to start writing eBook

Whenever i purchase any eBook i asked myself that couldn't i earn from selling my own eBook? Every time when i got this question from myself i said that i cannot write an eBook.

Maybe many of you ask this same question to yourself as i did. So have you ever got any other answer or you are just like me who thought that 'i cannot write an eBook' ?

There are tens of thousands of authors who write plenty of eBooks and sell
them online. Some of them have become far famous as they had ever expected.
Some people write eBooks so that they can earn money, some write eBooks to promote their websites or services they give, and some authors write eBooks just because they like writing.

So at this very moment ask yourself once again, 'can you write an eBook'?
Don't answer this question, not yet at least.

Lets see what are the things that are holding you back to write your very first eBook.

I will start from tomorrow
People have fear that they are not ready. They think they are not capable for writing an eBook, and therefor, they keep postponed the day for start writing their first eBook.
You should not fear of anything when it comes to you, lets face it, you want to write an eBook and that's why you are reading this post, isn't it? so start writing like there is no tomorrow. And you will see that with every line you write for your eBook you are getting confidence inside you.

What should i write
People hung up the idea for writing an eBook just because they think that they do not have any topic on which they can write.
Well think once again, if you are a student then you must be good at at least one subject in your academics, if you are an artist then you have definitely some good knowledge about your work, if you are a blogger then you must be writing at least one blog post every week. You know what i mean? i mean just don't think right now that you are not able to write an eBook of 100 pages because you do not have any topic. Just start writing your first page on that topic in which you have interest. Do not think that you have to write 100 or more pages when you are still on 1st page. just keep on writing and you will be surprised when you see that you have completed an eBook of more than 100 pages within a month. So start writing today and make yourself surprised.

How i will publish my eBook
People think that searching a good publication and requesting them to publish your eBook is a very big deal and you will never get through it, and so they just don't start writing. This is not case today folks, is a place where you can publish your eBook for free. And there are lot more options to choose now. So just don't think too much and open your Microsoft word 2007 and start writing your very first eBook.
You can even publish your eBook on your own blog. let your readers download it for free. When you get pretty much good response then start writing an eBook and then sell it either using your own blog or any other online publications.

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