Friday, 12 October 2012


How many of you have seen the movies Iron man, Iron man 2 or The Avengers? In the movie Tony Stark uses a computer system named JARVIS.

When i first watched the movie Iron man i said to myself 'Man! i want this computer!!'
When i watched Iron man 2, i said 'Man! i really want to have this computer!!'
Now after watching The Avengers i didn't said that i want this computer, in fact i said that i am going to make my own JARVIS for myself.!!

At first this looks like close to impossible but i am surely going to give it a try.

i will definitely search Google to get some help and if you people can suggest me anything then feel free to comment below. Any suggestions about how to start building a system like Jarvis or any suggestion about the new features that i can add into my own Jarvis system so that the end result will be better than the Jarvis of Iron man :)

Well i am not 100% sure and even i am not 100% motivated but if the things will go on the right track then maybe i will have my own Jarvis soon..

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